Beneath The Surface

The OCEAN! After a ride in a couple of mini-vans, Art of Conservation students from Primaria "Ignacio Zaragoza" in Macario Gomez arrive at Soliman Bay. The majority of these children have spent little or no time at the Caribbean seaside even though their pueblo is just 25 kilometers inland off the Coba Road. Today is a special day!


Children point to the beautiful ocean waters once we arrive at the beach.

Children are captivated by our guest speaker, Anaïs, who has kindly joined us to share her passion of diving and knowledge of the environment. Anaïs is originally from Belgium where she obtained her PhD in sociology focusing on poverty, delinquency, and education. She has a love of working with kids and today she will give them a whole new experience.


 Children listen to Anaïs as she introduces them to scuba diving equipment. First the mask.

Anaïs with her kind and gentle manner encourages all of our students to wade in the shallow warm waters wearing a dive suit, mask, and snorkel. As you can imagine, some children are very hesitant to enter the water let alone submerge themselves with all that crazy gear. Once the initial fright is over, kids do not want to leave the ocean.


 At first very timid, Gabriella experiences breathing through a regulator with Anaïs both above and below water.

After everyone has a chance to experience a dive, we go for a beach clean-up.


A celebratory beach dinner is enjoyed by all. Lemonade, ceviche, and chips!


 Truly happy kids!

If you are looking for a dive instructor during a trip to Tulum, I am happy to connect you with Anaïs. She loves opening up new underwater worlds to people as she surely has for our group of darling students.

Thanks again Anaïs!

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