AoC Welcomes Manuel, Ilze, and Malu

Art of Conservation has an expanding network of dedicated individuals working diligently toward our mission to inspire children and their families to conserve biodiversity through creative learning and one-health awareness. I am extremely grateful to each and everyone - past and present - who has helped and is helping. Most recently, Manuel, Ilze, and Malu have joined the AoC team. Here is a brief introduction.

Both in the classroom or in the rain while exploring a nearby cenote and wetlands, Manuel is a natural with the children and is caring to everyone he meets. Since August, Manuel and I have been preparing and presenting numerous lessons for and to our group of children during AoC's first pilot program in the Caribbean Basin.  


At a nearby cenote with AoC students, Manuel cares for and inspires the children.

Born in Mexico City, Manuel's parents raised him with a strong emphasis on respect, honesty, sports, and friendship as the corner stones of his values. He has a multitude of work and educational experiences from the financial world to environmental planning and sustainable development. I feel very fortunate to work with Manuel. 


Inside the classroom, Manuel is a natural sharing and teaching.

Dr. Ilze Berzins joins AoC's Executive Board! Dr. Lucy Spelman introduced the rest of the AoC board to Ilze. I was fortunate to meet her during our trip to Guyana last year. She worked with us in villages and I learned that she is a very busy woman. She's finishing her Masters in Public Health to compliment her already held Postdoctoral Fellow in Comparative Pathology, Veterinary Science degree, Ph.D. in Zoology, and B.S. and M.S. in Biology. 


Ilze reviews the importance of taking a one-water, one-world, one-health approach to conservation in the Caribbean Basin at AoC's Meet-&-Greet in Mexico. (Sorry the image is partly dark.)

Ilze acts as AoC's consulting aquatic health expert. She returns to Tulum in December with Lucy to hold AoC's One-Health Workshop to brainstorm ideas for how we can collaborate with existing efforts to establish new One-health Conservation Projects or expand existing ones.

Malu kindly joins us as AoC's first in-country associate member! Originally from Mexico City, Malu has worked and travelled to many places around the globe and knows people and places in the Yucatan Peninsula very well. She helped AoC pick the best place for our new base of operations after hours and hours of checking out numerous options.

Welcome-Malu to AoC.jpg

Malu, pictured at the left, with Mariana and me.

I knew I was in good hands working with Malu when we decided to invest time and effort in Tulum. She has opened many doors for us and I know will continue doing so. By the way, you can go to Tulum Premier Properties to get in touch with Malu. 

Manuel, Ilze, and Malu bring vital energy needed to keep us doing what we love to do. Thank you Manuel, Ilze, and Malu!

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