Healthy Kids

Children at Primaria "Ignacio Zarargoza" in Mexico are learning and practicing Art of Conservation's One-Health Habits. We begin with Practice Good Hygiene lessons. You can see from the segment of our banner (below) which hangs in the classroom that Wash your hands, Wash your body, and Brush your teeth are our first habits to strengthen.  


Happening now... lessons teaching children how to care for their physical, mental, and sexual health and how to prevent common illnesses.

Kids have all kinds of great reasons why they want to stay healthy. Taking it a step further, they want the people around them to stay healthy too. As Manuel and I have more time with them, we believe the children will gain an even deeper perspective of how our human health is related to that of our ecosystem and animal health as well. But one step at a time!


After receiving bars of soap and washcloths plus instruction how to really wash hands thoroughly, children practice. 


Soap and washcloths! And such darling children.

Our teachers-in-training and an observing mother gave Manuel and I the thumbs-up to go ahead and acknowledge the changes taking place in our bodies and minds as we go through puberty.


Brushing teeth.

Oral hygiene lessons are always fun and our students are pleased to receive new brushes and tubes of paste. They will get opportunities to 'win' more hygiene supplies during in-class review sessions.

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