Tuukul Meyaj (Creativity in Maya)

One of Art of Conservation's core values is CREATIVITY. We hope to inspire creative thinking, practice, and play. To give the children we work with a nice launching-off point to express themselves the team and I present the kids with basic principles and elements of art, for instance recently we studied color.

art-lessons1grey scale.jpg

Children place color cards in order of lightness to darkness to better understand value.

Kids then apply their own grey scale on paper with paints. The moment they held their paint brushes there was complete silence. Anaïs, Manuel, and I looked at each other in amusement and took a deep breath. We heard the birds chirping. It was remarkable. Art is healthy on so many levels! Complete engagement!


Children mix paint to create scales of value, shade, and tint. Spectacular effort from them all.

Following our color studies at the school in Chunyaxché, artists Esteban and Pato introduce the next exercise... papier mache sea creatures!

art-lessons3papier mache1.jpg

Esteban works with a group of boys on their papier mache fish. He practices his Mayan language skills too.


Pato's mom Ede, a former school teacher, shares a moment with teacher-in-training Deysi. We are thrilled to have Pato's parents with us who are visiting from Argentina.


Edgar helps create a beautiful conch shell with Juanita and Karolina.


Frederico has so much fun with Pato!


Felix takes a break with Nelso, Pato's dad.

The outdoor palapa classroom has been so alive with learning, discovery, creativity, and happiness. It's a beautiful feeling to be apart of this energy and goodness. The team and I return to Tulum Pueblo happy.

Don't forget to join us in Tulum, México for our 2nd Annual Fundraiser Gala! Feel free to contact me for more information at julie@art-of-conservation.org

Thank you so much for your support. 

All our best,

Julie Ghrist and the AoC Team 

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