Dental Day

Our Goal: To promote sustainable knowledge and practices that enhance the health of Art of Conservation's students and their communities through artistic, educational, and experiential programs.

Project Description: Art of Conservation’s 2nd Annual Dental Day Project was held on 17, 18 and 19 May 2017 thanks to the generous in-kind donation from the Colgate/Palmolive Foundation and the efforts of AoC staff, volunteers and partner schools and government representatives of the Tulum and Felipe Carrillo Puerto municipalities.

To attain better understanding of oral health in the region and prepare for the 3-day project, Art of Conservation held meetings with Paulina Antonia Och Dzib, Quinta Regidora de Tulum - Salud y Asistencia Social (Health and Social Services) and Sonia Esmeralda Noriega Ek, Link of Educational Services of the State of Quintana Roo (SEQ), (Department of Education of Quintana Roo).

With support from Dr. Juan Mena Ramos, Tulum’s Director of Health, and Dr. Enrique Rodriguez Jimenez, Dental Surgeon, the project focused on training primary school students and their classroom teachers performing proper oral hygiene techniques and teaching prevention.

To date, this project has directly impacted the students and teachers at Tulum Municipality’s 62 public primary schools (approximately 5,311 students) and 2 public primary schools in Felipe Carrillo Puerto Municipality (approximately 100 students). Just under 6000 toothbrushes and 6000 tubes of toothpaste distributed to nearly 6000 people.

Outcome 1: To enhance the oral health of Art of Conservation students by providing access to professional dental hygiene instruction and supplies.

Output 1a: Oral hygiene techniques improved

  • Indicators - % of students who demonstrate proper teeth brushing techniques
  • MOV - Small group observation
  • Target - 75% of more of students 


Output 1b: Dental hygiene knowledge improved

  • Indicators - % of students who knowledge improved
  • MOV - Pre- and post-questionnaire
  • Target - 50% or more

pre- & post-questionnaire.jpg

Output 1c: All children use new toothbrushes and toothpaste

  • Indicators - % of students used new dental products at home
  • MOV - Questionnaire
  • Target - 75% or more use toothbrushes 

Output 1d: Dental supplies distributed

  • Indicators - Number of toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste distributed
  • MOV - Tally
  • Target - Quantities donated from Colgate in 2017
    • Toothbrushes - 5,976
    • Tubes of toothpaste - 6,048 

Supplies ready to be distributed.jpg


1. Teeth-brushing lessons and demonstrations by dentist and AoC staff.

2. Oral hygiene lesson.

3. Distribution of new toothbrushes and toothpaste.



Students, dentists, AoC staff, Colgate in-kind donation of oral hygiene supplies.

Katia, Mauel, and parnters.jpg

Pre- and Post-Questionnaire Partial Results

How long should we brush our teeth?.jpg


How many teeth do adults have?.jpg

Partners / Stakeholders

  • Colgate / Palmolive Foundation
  • Departments of Health and Social Services and Education in the Municipality of Tulum and Felipe Carrillo Puerto
  • Dr. Juan Mena Ramos, Director of Health, Tulum
  • Dr. Adrián Rivera Romero, Tulum Health Center
  • Dr. Enrique Rodriguez Jimenez, Dental Surgeon
  • Ms. Paulina Antonia Och Dzib, Quinta Regidora de Tulum - Salud y Asistencia Social, Health and Social Services
  • Ms. Sonia Esmeralda Noriega Ek, Link of Educational Services of the State of Quintana Roo (SEQ), Department of Education of Quintana Roo
  • Mr. Juan Ariel Pat Fernández, Supervisor of Zone 044 - Tulum, Servicios Educativos de Quintana Roo (SEQ)
  • Directora María Dolores Sáenz Dzul, Escuela Primaria (E.P.) Octaviano Solís Aguirre in Tulum
  • Director Fernando Román Solís Simá, E.P. Juana de Asbaje in Cobá
  • AoC partner schools: E.P. Indígena Jacinto Pat in Chumpón and E.P. Indigena Lázaro Cárdenas in Chunyaxché


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