Taking Care of our Pets with Dr. Juan

Children are always interested in what Dr. Juan, Tulum's extremely skilled veterinarian, has to say about taking care of our pets. He brings along all of his equipment plus his neighbors dog named Popi.


AoC student Marisa listens to Popi's heart and breathing with a stethoscope.

The children listened to Dr. Juan's presentation and looked at photos showing our basic responsibilities of having dogs and cats. There are many dogs in this village. We teach under a palapa and often dogs saunter in and stay awhile. Some of the dogs belong to our students and are very sweet, but still most are not spayed or neutered and have skin infections.


Popi receives a bath. She is such a sweet dog.

The other day a group of dogs came in at the same point when our guest speakers were asking the children how we protect wildlife, more specifically the endangered spider monkeys, and four male dogs were clearly trying to mate with the female who was in heat. We used this opportunity to further illustrate that we must care for our pets and control their procreation, disallow them from hunting in protected areas, and stop the possibility of spreading diseases. Hmmm, it's going to take more time and effort I know.


With the X-ray machine, Dr. Juan asks the children to point out where the ailments may be. 


Videos that Dr. Juan took himself while operating were very interesting.

Many of the kids raised their hands when asked if they want to be a vet when they grow up. We remind them that it takes a lot of dedicated work, they need to stay in school, and they should most definitely follow their dreams.

We'd like to thank Carrie for always being with us during Dr. Juan's visits and to Karen and Gary for letting us bathe, tickle, kiss, play, and learn from their cute dog Popi.

A very big thanks to Dr. Juan for his superb engagement with the kids.

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Julie Ghrist and the AoC Team 

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