Learning, Making Art, and Eating

This semester Art of Conservation is partnering with a small town called Chunyaxché which is 25 kilometers south west of Tulum Pueblo and located at the northwest boundaries of the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve. A pre-hispanic Muyil archeological site across the street from the primary school where we work is one of the earliest Maya settlements on the Caribbean Coast (about 12 kilometers inland from the shoreline).

Those of you familiar with AoC's one-health awareness and creative learning approach know we usually begin our program with teaching children how to care for their physical, mental, and sexual health and how to prevent common illnesses. Today we look at eating a healthy diet.

eating a well balanced meal 1.jpg

Manuel asks the children to study the food cards we distributed and think about in which food groups they belong.

Children learn to identify the different foods groups and get a better understanding why it is important to eat a variety of foods every day. They stick their cards on our Eat A Healthy Diet mat.

eating a well balanced meal 2.jpg

Our students create their own well-balanced meal by making cut-outs from colored construction paper and then gluing them onto a paper plate.

eating a well balanced meal 3.jpg

Can you discern some of the well-balanced meals here? Lots of carrots, rice and beans, fish, eggs, tomatoes, peppers, chicken, tortillas.

Homework for the day is to take the plates home and share with their families about the exercise and what their favorite well-balanced meals consists of.

eating a well balanced meal 4.jpgIt wouldn't be fair to talk about food and not reward the kids for the attention so we provide a very healthy snack of rice and beans, carrots, bananas, cucumbers, jicama, and jimaica juice. They love each and every bite!

WE NEED YOUR HELPPlease consider a financial gift to Art of ConservationAll donations are tax deductible and directly benefit the children we work with. Any amount is greatly appreciated. 


A donation of $500 will provide the opportunity for one child to participate in our four-month, 28-session program. 

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Julie Ghrist and the AoC Team 

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