Get Dirty & Express Yourself!

Art smocks have been something we've wanted to use during our art exercises for a long time. As you know, it is fun to let go, play with different materials, and not worry about getting dirty. We are also conscious that parents of our students need to provide their children with school uniforms so the last thing we want is for a child to return home after a spectacular AoC session and be in trouble for having paint, glue, and sparkles splattered all over them.

Thanks to Patricia 'Pato' Pagnucco and Paula Martínez Vangils for making the art smock wish become a reality!


Paula (above 2nd to the left) working with her group of women.

Paula has a project called Boho Tulum. She works with and trains a group of women at a workshop located at Lake Bacalar (about 200km south of Tulum). Pato, an Art of Conservation team member, helped design the shirt and created a beautiful image for the front- a portal from the soul where ideas pour out from. 


Pato (above 2nd to the left) with children as they paint their papier mache tortuga.

Paula made sure we chose a durable yet light weight fabric so we can wash and reuse them for years to come. For some reason, red is the most popular color smock amongst the kids.


Our beautiful students, Karolina and Laura, work intently on a mural using colored tissue paper.


Christian utilizes the smock pockets for his materials and is ready to go!

Here's to being creative, learning a lot, and having fun! Thank you Paula and Pato for your great work!

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Thank you so much for your support. 


Julie Ghrist and the AoC Team 

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