"Food for Thought"—CHT Highlights Food Chains in its Classes

Hey, everyone! This is Innocent, from Conservation Heritage – Turambe (CHT), with news about our recent class on food chains taught to our primary-five school children!


As it reads on the desk above, our vocabulary for the day includes: food chain, herbivore, carnivore, and omnivore!


Valerie, pictured on the right, can be seen teaching the children what makes a “food chain” as Innocent, pictured on the left, translates!

Besides herbivores, Valerie goes on to give more examples of food chain components including: carnivores, omnivores, and "recyclers". She also mentions that food chains always begin with plants.

Early on in the school year, the CHT team told its students that it would be hosting an event called “Parents as Partners: Open House” at the end of the school year—parents and/or guardians would  be invited. Therefore, after the food chain discussion, each student received an envelope containing all of his or her school work from the 2014 school year!


Using a pair of scissors, the students, pictured above, can be seen cutting construction paper to decorate their envelopes with!

 The CHT Team’s directions to our students include two simple instructions: decorating the envelopes to their own liking and correctly naming them!  These envelopes will be used by the children during the “Parents as Partners: Open House” in October.  As Art of Conservation once did, we scan each student’s work from the entire school year, and then those copies are returned to each individual student so that they may share what they've learned with their parents or guardians. Parents, local leaders, director of the school are able to learn more about what our student do with us for the entire year.


Stay tuned!





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