Forests, Mangroves, Lagoons, and Oceans

In our quest to gather as much information as possible during our recent trip to Honduras, Lucy, Allison, and I started our day with more eco-tour activities and visits to local communities. We jumped in the truck with Guide Rolando from Omega Tours and left Pico Bonito National Park for a drive to a place we could put in our sea kayaks.


A bit more information on the effects of deforestation facing Honduras… In the last four years, it has lost more than 33% of its forests. Illegal logging is probably the easiest place to put the blame. So while mahogany is being smuggled out of the forests and country people living in poverty are also cutting the forests to make some meager means of living.


Rolando offloading kayaks.

Almost 70% of the population is living in poverty. Propane is expensive to purchase which in turn forces families to cut trees for firewood. Loss of forests bring mudslides, erosion, flash floods, and road washouts. Unhealthy practices near watersheds, such as sewage and toxic runoff, is poisoning the water supply. We are told that what is missing is enforcement.


Paddling in the lagoon where it meets the Caribbean Ocean.

On the banks and in the canals of Cacao Lagoon we saw beautiful birds, bats, and monkeys.


A Boat-billed Heron. Their range is from Mexico to Peru and Brazil.


A Howler Monkey on the banks of Cacao Lagoon.



Enjoying a picnic on the beach of the Caribbean Ocean with the son of the local man in charge of the lagoon tour.

Lucy, Allison, and I were deeply impressed with our little guide-to-be, the son of the local man in charge of the kayaking tours that works with Rolando. He, his peers, and their communities are just the kind of people we love working with.


Coming out of the lagoon on the other side we were faced with beautiful Caribbean beaches, ocean, and mountains. Truly spectacular.

Thanks for the wonderful eco-tours Omega Tours!

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