An Evening Not To Be Forgotten, continued

Once people arrived at Holistika and began enjoying the watermelon margaritas, fruit-infused water, lionfish ceviche, and more it was time to begin our brief presentations. I began with a history of Art of Conservation. Lucy followed with her One-health conservation highlighting her work with pandas in China, mountain gorillas in Africa, and giant river otters in Guyana and why we should all be alarmed at the rate of species extinction. Ilze presented a very real picture of the condition of our water world with her One-health conservation aquatic examples.

I appreciated everyones attention and interest. Plus during conversations before and after the talks we got to learn more about what people are doing and their ideas for the future. Follow-up meetings are certainly in order.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I wish I had photos of everyone who came out to our Meet-&-Greet, but I came up short. Next time! Please have a look at the few I did capture.









More photos coming up!


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