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Hi. This is Innocent from Conservation Heritage – Turambe (CHT) with news about our recent class at Ibirunga Tennis & Running Club on our role in protecting the mountain gorillas.


Before we started our class, children do the “Hokey Pokey” as a warm up exercise!


Before the lesson starts, each child receives a gift of notebook to be able to take notes when need be during the lesson, and hence, remember to share what they learned from CHT team with the rest of their families and neighbours! 

Valerie opens the discussion with the children with a question: “Did you know that when you are healthy, you are protecting the mountain gorillas?”  The children seem not to understand the concept but Valerie goes on explaining that we share many of the same qualities and many of the same sicknesses and diseases with mountain gorillas, for instance, mountain gorillas and people get coughs, runny noses, diarrhea, pneumonia, and other sicknesses in common. 


Given our hands on activity for the day is washing our hands to stay healthy, every child takes their turn to come to our hand washing station (white buckets with nozzles) to wash their hands with running water and soap to wash their hands as their peers sing along with the ABCDs!


Each child receives a gift of a bar of soap from CHT to take home as a reminder to regularly wash their hands to stay healthy!


During the art lesson for the day, here are our students illustrating the staying healthy message discussed earlier, at the same time having fun!  Their worksheet says: “Using your creativity, draw a picture illustrating your everyday good habits to stay healthy”


In the end of our class, each child receives an Art of Conservation’s t-shirt with Conservation and Health awareness messages!

CHT Team will no doubt continue teaching more conservation and health awareness lessons at Ibirunga Tennis & Running Club.

Stay in tuned! From Innocent 


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