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The Mayan language is so interesting to listen to and see in writing. For me, it is reminiscent of the many fabulous voices I heard during my travels in southern Africa in which people add clicking sounds. Well, the Maya speak with clicks as well. The children in our Art of Conservation Creative Learning and One-Health Awareness program speak at least two languages - Mayan and Spanish. Manuel and I juggle between three languages in our delivery of lessons - English, Spanish, and a little Mayan. The children and most notably their lovely teacher Remigio help Manuel and me with the Mayan. Remigio is a big advocate of keeping the language alive by encouraging parents to speak the language in the house with the family. I'll be honest with you... at present I am focusing all my efforts on the Spanish language... Mayan won't be for awhile but it's perfect just to be listening in.

The Mayan word for home is naj otoch and for our One-Health Habits lessons - Keep a Clean Home is the subject.

clean_school_with aoc_1.jpg

Energetic students race around the schoolyard picking trash.

I always sound hypocritical when we reach the point in our discussion whether it is or is not ok to have our animals floating freely in and around our living and eating spaces. After suggesting it's not a good hygienic practice for chickens, goats, rabbits, mice, dogs, cats, turkeys to enter these spaces I'm the first to admit that it's fun and that my dogs are by my side everywhere I go! But I do go on to share that my dogs have vet care and they don't have fleas, worms, and ticks.


 Teacher Remigio with student Allen working as a team picking up trash in the schoolyard.

Following our chat about the importance of keeping a clean home we went to keeping a clean school and added a talk about toilet etiquette. Then out came the gardening gloves and trash bags. Manuel and I did not have to do any coaxing to get kids partnered up and out the door to pick up trash. It turned out to be a very fun activity.


Cooperative effort in keeping a clean school at Primaria "Ignacio Zaragoza".

We're heading to the beach soon for a trash pickup day. Stay tuned!

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