Loads of Lessons - For a Healthier Planet!

Art of Conservation in-country-staff, volunteers, board, and dear friends have so many great things going on that I want to share it all in every last detail and image... but I've gotten way behind... so this post - a quick visual journal jumping to just a few elements - from the culmination of intense AoC One-Health Habits lessons (at this point we reached Get Regular Exercise), to the introduction of the Basic Elements and Principals of Art, to Exploring our Blue Planet


 'Double Boat' pose by students in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Session after session, we happily use a kit of cards encased in a box called Yoga Pretzels - 50 Fun Yoga Activities for Kids & Grownups by Tara Guber and Leah Kalish, introduced by Baron Baptiste (what an amazing person!), and illustrated by Sophie Fatus. And time after time, our students love these lessons which we gear toward the importance of teamwork, trust, and building strength from within. Oh, yes, and pure fun!

We believe that human health and well-being is the bedrock to our work. We, people, do the shopping, the eating, the decision-making, the voting, the dreaming, the creating, and more in such beautiful and horrible fashion. Creative learning is our thing. Especially with children who - as I am witness to - inevitably bring it home to their moms, dads, and siblings.


 Mono Brooks inspired learning of the 5 basic element of shape and making a mess of things with freedom.

Many of you may be familiar with the book called Drawing with Children by Mona Brooks. Our students ask on demand exercises and discussions revolving around creativity and art once we start introducing Ms. Brooks lessons to them. Shape is our entrance. Look around you - inside and out - break down all objects (human-made and in nature) in circles, dots, lines, and curves.


Both in Rwanda and in this area of Mexico, children are not taught to differentiate North America and South America into two separate land masses or continents. A student identifies Earth's seven major land masses.

Like I said, we've been moving at a clip. Two class sessions per week for our first pilot program in the Caribbean Basin. Each class meeting is loaded with lessons. We love it and we hope you do too.

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