Citizen Participation on Water Issues

Welcome to a closer look at the Water Guardians, "Kanan Ha" in Maya. Art of Conservation (AoC) in partnership with Razonatura (RZN) developed this outreach program in conjunction with our regularly running one-health awareness sessions. Children from our programming participate in water monitoring at nearby waterholes, usually cenotes containing freshwater.

Mom with AoC students Kanan-Ha1.jpg

Consent forms signed by parents and/or guardians are required yet a few mothers like to make another thorough check that their children are going to be ok on the excursion to a nearby waterhole. Frederico and Miguel's beautiful mother is very protective!

Olmo Torres-Talamante, RZN's specialist in water sciences, gives a presentation to our students before we leave for the test site. Today, naturalist guide Martine DeFour lends her support too.

at the testing site Kanan-Ha2.jpg

Martine and Olmo introduce the water testing kits to the kids.

Allowing for practical experience, our students learn to assess water quality using monitoring kits. Later, the children will learn about the analysis of the data collected.

phosphate level Kanan-Ha3.jpg

Karimili holds the test tube and looks at the phosphate reading.

Water is a vital natural resource for every living thing and in particular fresh water for people. In the Yucatán Peninsula fresh water is found underground which opens the source to be highly vulnerable to pollution, human activities, urban development, and the tourism industry.

turbidity reading Kanan-Ha4.jpg

Student Mauro is particularly keen with this science-based activity.

Our water monitoring schedule follows the local hydrological cycle which amounts to approximately three tests per year. Analysis is presented at AoC's open houses and eventually with a larger body of data, within multi-sector committees and councils.

returning to school Kanan-Ha5.jpg

Water collection and testing completed...  now back to school. Normally we travel in vans, but it didn't quite work out that way so the pick-up and my truck worked fine for the short distance. 

Be sure to follow us as more Kanan Ha and water news comes your way. Thank you.

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