All our activities are designed to encourage children, their families, and local communities to explore the many connections between human, environmental, and animal health, and to understand how their actions have a ripple effect in each ecosystem. These ripples can be positive or negative, depending on how mindful we are of the impact we have on each other, other species, and the places where we live.

Examples of our activities designed to raise one-health awareness include the following: the importance of staying healthy by practicing good personal hygiene, keeping a clean home and neighborhood, eating a healthy diet, and getting regular exercise.

Role-modeling is an important aspect to our teaching. Presentations by professionals involved in human, environmental, and animal health are invited to our sessions. We also partner with these professionals and support their one-health work in the field. 

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Our Staying Healthy banner hangs in the classroom walls reminding children to practice hygiene habits daily. 


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