Open House Invitation

We did it! We are coming to the close of our first programming in México and it's time to celebrate! Yes, a lot of work and energy put forth, but wow, it's a great start.

As in Rwanda, we like to end our one-health conservation creative learning program with an open house. Moms and dads, teachers, guest speakers and role models who came to classes, friends, neighbors, and all... YOU ARE INVITED.

Please Join Us.jpg

Please join us!

We have special entertainment lined up plus an exhibition of the children's creative expressions of lessons we explored together. Parents are cooking local cuisine - we asked that it be 'healthy' food and drink.

Macario Gómez is a small community about 23 kilometers north west of the town of Tulum. The Coba Road takes you directly to the town. Take a right on a bumpy dirt road after the red bus stop.

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