Our One-Health Creative Learning

Our curriculum offers sessions that combine instructor-led presentations with hands-on activities that allow children to digest the information presented. AoC programs combine science and ecology lessons that explore the basic principles of healthy living while learning about global and local biodiversity and how all life is connected. We also teach basic elements and principles of art designed to give our students new ways to express their ideas. They learn to work with shape, color, value, texture, form, and composition, using a variety of media. 

Our courses include four modules:

  1. Human Health: Staying Healthy with One-Health Habits
  2. Environmental Health: Exploring our Blue Planet
  3. Animal Health: Discovering the Animal Kingdom
  4. One-Health: Connecting and Expressing

Our Projects

The Let’s Recycle Project
The Dental Day Project
The Pets Project
The GPS/GIS Project
The Tulum Ha Water Monitoring Project
The Sustainable Tourism Project
The Graduate Retreat Project
The Tree Planting Project
The Sea Turtle Protection Project
The Discovery Dive Project

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