Fabulous Beginning at Nearby Maya Community

Manuel and I have been busy preparing for our first programming in Art of Conservation's new Caribbean Basin location. We've laid the groundwork in a town called Macario Gomez in what was the heart of the Maya's Post-Classic period.

Moe and Lou, owners of La Selva Mariposa, introduced us to a community leader named Jose Abraham Tunpuc. We sat down with him at Moe and Lou's lovely eco-lodge and introduced the concept behind Art of Conservation's creative learning and one-health awareness program for children and their families. 

julie_jose_manuel_at_ la_selva_mariposa.jpg

At La Selva Mariposa talking with community leader Jose Abraham Tunpuc. (me, Jose, and Manuel)


With Jose and Moe after a very good meeting.

The process continued with Jose arranging a meeting at the school where he attended and now his children attend - Primaria "Ignacio Zaragoza". Ignacio Zaragoza was a general and secretary of war in the Mexican army from 1853 - 1862.


A banner hanging at the school meeting_with_principal_and_teachers.jpg

 Manuel speaks with Principal Eliseo Pech Caamal, 2nd grade teacher Isabel Gabriela Maldonado, and 5th/6th grade teacher Remigio Chan Colli.

We've established that the kids can meet from 4:00 to 7:00 two days a week which works well for us. I'm accustomed to our Rwandan 3-hour class sessions but not used to working with the kids in the afternoon. Oh well, I like the variety! Next comes the big moment.... meeting the children and parents!


 Inside the 5th/6th grade classroom, Manuel is a natural with the children. Both children and Manuel and I get a feel for the fun learning times ahead.

So it's set.... we know the start date - the finish date - we have the list of the children participating - we get busy at our 'make-shift' office while the 'real' one is being built - and we are ready to roll!

nametags_for_aoc_classes.jpgName tags are made in preparation of our first class session. 

new_vocabulary_words_for_aoc_programs.jpg New vocabulary words - in English, Spanish, and later Maya with the help of teacher Remigio.

Click here for Moe and Lou's La Selva Mariposa site.

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