SNACKS! A Veces!

Snacks are everywhere you turn so we brought in a lesson to the kids at "Ignacio Zaragoza" primary school that if you really must have a snack.... make it only SOMETIMES! 'A veces' is 'sometimes' in Spanish as you can probably guess. We all know this junk is doing horrible stuff to our bodies and minds. Hopefully the children will be more mindful now. Below, thanks to Alejandra, my Spanish teacher (middle), Stephen, owner of the Spanish school (right), and Lelle, fellow classmate (left) we made a fun interactive board with what is a clear message that this stuff is NO GOOD!

snacks 1.jpg

Students place snack cards on our board with the photo of Lelle, Alexandra, and Stephen showing great disapproval to soda pop, candy bars, and more processed junk food.

All this talk of what not to do was brought back around with a healthy example. Children were so happy to have fresh fruit, hard-boiled eggs, and corn on the cob as an afternoon snack.


Manuel serves a very healthy snack to our students.

snacks 3.jpg

Yummmmm, papaya, bananas, corn... this is a healthy snack. 

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