Nice Smile!

We continue teaching our students how to care for their physical, mental, and sexual health and how to prevent common illnesses by focusing today on brushing our teeth.


Mauro has a beautiful smile!

With an oversized model mouth and tooth brush and a large foam tooth our students have fun learning more about oral hygiene. 


Modesto smiles and examines the foam model of a tooth.

Learning the correct way to brush, how many times a day to brush, and for how long to brush are lessons we share.


 Practicing with our model mouth and brush.

Students get a chance to practice brushing their teeth for two minutes while looking in the mirror and listening to Manuel's coaching.


Christian concentrates on his brushing.

Over the entire semester course, the AoC team and I quiz our kids on the Staying Healthy habits we've presented and they get a chance to receive additional tooth paste and brushes.

Please consider a financial gift to Art of ConservationAll donations are tax deductible and directly benefit the children we work with. Any amount is greatly appreciated. 


A donation of $500 will provide the opportunity for one child to participate in our four-month, 28-session program. 

Thank you so much for your support. 


Julie Ghrist and the AoC Team 

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