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Support Earth Day Activities with the Art of Conservation (AoC)!

Imagine giving children a chance to experience the world in a new way while learning to care for the beautiful land and water around them. The Art of Conservation is doing just that. Leading up to Earth Day, 22 April 2017, we are teaching underserved Mayan children to respect the environment by reducing and recycling waste. Our kids are collecting trash and making musical instruments and art from these discarded items. They love it, and they are gaining the knowledge and skills they need to become better stewards of their natural resources. At other times during the year Art of Conservation also teaches young people and their families about personal health and sharing the Earth with other living things. 

KatiaEarthDay-2017.jpgStudents at Primary School Lazaro Cárdenas start a recycling program after our field trip to Tulum's recycling center.

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Join me, Meredith Adler, my fellow board members, and Julie Ghrist, our Founder, by providing a financial gift to Art of Conservation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Your gift is tax deductible to the extent the law allows. 

TemoEarthDay-2017.jpgOur partners, Temo of Tulum Municipality and Heather of No Mas Plastik teach kids how to separate their trash.  

We need your help to continue our efforts – to reach more children and have a lasting influence on their lives.


Please consider a financial gift to the Art of Conservation. 

BoysEarthDay-2017.jpgChildren in Chunyaxché protect their school by adding a sign that says, "Take care of the environment! Do not litter."

MicheleEarthDay-2017.jpgMichele Marsh, our Vice President, joins our students on a field trip to the jungle. 

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We look forward to a year filled with conservation education, creativity, and fun! On behalf of myself and my fellow Art of Conservation Board members, we thank you so much in advance for your kind support,

Meredith Adler

Julie Ghrist: President
Michele Marsh: Vice President
Nigel Gillah: Treasurer
Amber Kiwan: Secretary
Hawthorne Flaherty
Dani Pere
Meredith Adler

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