Thank You Supporters & Volunteers

The Caribbean's Mesoamerica Reef Region is hot and steamy this time of year, and wet! School is out so our students are on vacation before classes resume in September. During their holiday, some children stay with their families in or near the town of Tulum while others will travel to visit relatives in different parts of Mexico's big and diverse landscape.

For the AoC team and me, it is the perfect time to catch up on office work and prepare for the year ahead. We look forward to providing AoC's free One-Health Awareness and Creative Learning courses to children and their families here in what is known as the Maya zone. 

Most importantly the team and I would like to take this time to send our sincere gratitude for all that you do for AoC. Thank you for

  • Encouraging us with your 'likes' and comments on our social media sites which truly make us smile and give us that extra confidence to keep pushing forward with what we love to do.
  • Volunteering your time and talent with Art of Conservation both on the ground and from afar.
  • Supporting AoC's efforts in Rwanda, Africa and helping our partner organization Conservation Heritage - Turambe (CHT).
  • Making financial donations which generate the funds we need to continue our multidisciplinary work.

Thank you again to each and every one of you!

A video to brighten your day.
This footage captures happiness, engagement, and learning that all children deserve.
AoC's Annual Graduate Retreat at the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve and Casa Maya Kaan, July 2016.

Our most recent fundraising event was graciously hosted on the beach by Cesar of La Eufemia - they also serve delicious tacos! The sales of Cesar's tasty mango margaritas went directly to Art of Conservation. Cheers!

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On behalf of the entire AoC and CHT teams, I would like to say THANK YOU again... and again... and again to you- our friends and supporters. May we stay together for a long time to come.

With love and appreciation,
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Julie Ghrist

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