AoC Artist-in-Residence Works With Students

Brian, from Argentina, is working with us as our first artist-in-residence in México. He brings exciting dynamics to our work and at a time that the kids are really ready to explore more in depth the many lessons we have shared since September.  

Artist-in-Residence_Brain-4.jpgBrain demonstrates focusing on the entire body of a spider monkey using a different color per body part.

I've been incredibly privileged to work with talented and compassionate artists. For those of you who followed our work in Rwanda, you know artists Eric and Eusebe and I think probably love and respect them and their talent just as much as I do. Brian approached the work as Eric and Eusebe and assimilated to the task immediately with the children wanting more and more!


Brian encourages Selena to look at that entire body of the jaguar from the visuals and then analyze the shapes of their spots. 

The animals we chose to spend concentrated time on are those that are presently inhabiting or in the past inhabited this area of the Yucatán Peninsula. The list, unfortunately, includes many endangered species that need serious care to ensure their survival. We study the natural histories of the spider monkey, jaguar, hawksbill sea turtle, toucan, and the motmot bird, to name a few, and then add understanding and new information and questions into art exercises.


Children add papier mâché to the wire jaguar form created by Brian.

Brain guides the kids to look at the bigger areas and volumes of say the jaguar or toucan and then go into thinner detail by using lines of different materials. Children experiment with oil pastels, markers, and pencils. 


Brian watches Ian study a photograph of a spider monkey and then use watercolors to block out its shape.

We are coming to the close of our first program and with that is our open house which will exhibit the children's art work. Thanks to Brian's fantastic help, the show will be beautiful. You are invited! Please click here for more information.

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