Art of Conservation welcomes volunteers both within the United States and abroad. Please find International Volunteers and Volunteer Placement forms below. Thank you for your interest!

By collaborating with socially responsible partners, including conservationists, educators, and health professionals, AoC develops both in- and out-of school lesson plans specific to each community and its conservation challenges. During its six years in Rwanda, AoC provided thousands of children with thousands of hours of extra-curricula educational programming. Now, headquartered in the Mesoamerican region at Tulum, México, AoC continues to provided children with unique opportunities.


Discovery Dive at Solimán Bay in the Caribbean Sea.

Art of Conservation is looking for volunteers and a student program to help us spread the word about our mission, develop growth within organization and help us diversify our funding to continue the effective work we do in México and with AoC’s off-shoot program in Rwanda, Conservation Heritage – Turambe. We need support in advocacy, communications and fundraising.

Start an AoC club (AoC encourages creativity so we would want volunteers to come up with ideas first, below are some examples).

  • Social Media support (spread the word, increase our following across all platforms)
  • AoC sign ups (assist in growth of our member database)
  • Fundraising (i.e. have a dinner party! 5k Fun Run!)
  • Donation Drives (in-kind gifts – i.e. dental products, art supplies, science materials)
  • Assist in finding AoC sponsors
  • Participate in AoC events including expos, conferences, lectures, exhibitions
  • Long-term exchange program for students at AoC field sites working with our Founder and Program Director in elementary schools.

Art of Conservation, Inc. (AoC)
Volunteer Placements 

AoC occasionally accepts volunteers for short- to medium-term volunteer placements. Our needs vary depending on our staffing situation and class schedule. In general, we seek honest, hard-working individuals who can offer support in one or more of the following areas:

  • Volunteers who have a background in conservation, biology, agriculture, medicine, or public health.
  • Volunteers who have a background in drawing, painting, music, or drama.
  • Administrative work including memo writing and grant research.
  • English-language training for members in our community initiatives.
  • Computer skills training for staff.
  • Construction, gardening

If you think you can help us in one of these areas, or if you have your own volunteer proposal, please fill out the Volunteer Application Form and Agreement (below) and email the signed and completed documents plus a cover letter to julie@art-of-conservation.org

Art of Conservation will provide:

  • Assistance in finding affordable lodging
  • Transportation for individual volunteers to and from work sites (Groups may need to hire their own transport)
  • A volunteer orientation and guidance throughout your stay

Volunteers are responsible for:

  • Airfare to México
  • Transportation to and from the Cancun airport
  • Lodging fees
  • Travel medical insurance including emergency evacuation coverage
  • All meals, drinks, transport, and other expenses not related to project work
  • A fee of $200 USD per week which is used as tax-deductible donation to AoC

Intern/Volunteer Application

Contact Amber Kiwan for the application.



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