Wildlife Trading & Conservation

Hawksbill Sea Turtles are Critically Endangered which means they are at an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild. At Art of Conservation we want the choices we make on a daily basis to be more sensitive of the environment, more compassionate toward animals, and more integrated with nature, and that these choices have a positive ripple effect throughout the world. 

It gives the AoC team and me great pleasure to join 31 other artists participating in a gallery show opening today, 14 July 2016, at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in the United States. The exhibition is called Wildlife: Trading & Conservation and is co-sponsored by RISD, Creature Conservation, and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

The goal of this exhibition is to examine the role of global wildlife trade in driving dozens of species to extinctions, while harming human lives and livelihoods; and to empower the viewing public to take part in conservation.

Studying Sea Turtles-
During AoC's Creative Learning and One-Health Awareness program with children in Tulum, México, we invited Biologist Roció Peralta, Supervisor of Tulum Marine Turtles Program and took a field trip to nesting sites along the beaches.

Bioligist Rocio-Turtle-2016.jpg
Pictured second from the right, Biologist Roció Peralta, Supervisor of Tulum Marine Turtles Program, visited our classrooms to share her expert knowledge on sea turtles.


Our students listened to Biologist Emanuel Paz during a field trip to X'cacel, - X'Cacelito Reserva Estatal Santuario de la Tortuga Marina.

Creating Sea Turtles-
After learning about the natural history and conservation status of the Hawksbill and other sea turtles, our students explored more through creativity by dancing and painting.


Watercolors Pluma_painting.jpgAoC artist, Pluma, guides the children with watercolor paintings of turtles.

Dana animal dance.jpgGuest dancer and choreographer, Dana Arabel, works with the children on a performance for our openhouse. The dance celebrates nature and animals, including, of course, the sea turtle!

mixed media canvas.jpg
AoC artists Pato and Pluma with the final mixed media canvas ready for shipment to RISD. 

The canvas that Pato and Pluma created includes a mosaic of the children's watercolors glued to the canvas to form the arms and hands which depict the human presence as part of the destruction and preservation of this turtle species. We hope the viewer will better understand the challenges facing the turtles and alternately learn how to protect the species by changing their everyday behavior. 

Thank you RISD, Creature Conserve and IFAW for organizing this important show and providing a space for AoC to display work. We appreciate the opportunity and hope the show is a success. Best of luck to the other artists too. Most importantly, let's work together to protect the Critically Endangered animals represented in this show from going extinct. Please support our work at Art of Conservation.


You are invitated-RISD.jpg

For more information, please write to me at julie@art-of-conservation.org or go to our Facebook page. Thank you.

With love and appreciation,
Julie Ghrist

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