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During our classes with the students, we had a lot we wanted to pack in at each class session. We started with Module 1 but we included Module 4 (developing creative confidence and skills) lessons too. In other words, we taught Staying Healthy lessons for half the class meeting and then foundational art lessons for the second half. That is true for Modules 2 and 3, as well; always incorporating creative learning with science-based learning.

1. Human Health: Staying Healthy with Personal Hygiene Habits

The overall theme of Module 1 is focused on staying healthy by adopting good personal hygiene habits - teaching children how to care for their physical, mental, and sexual health and how to prevent common illnesses.

2. Environmental Health & Sustainability: Exploring our Blue Planet

The overall theme of Module 2 is focused on understanding the wide range of ecosystems and the importance of maintaining healthy and sustainable relationship behaviors to preserve the balance and quality of life for all living things.

3. Animal Health Sciences: Discovering the Animal Kingdom

The overall theme of Module 3 is focused on scaffolding age-appropriate scientific literacy on biodiversity - teaching children through research and community exploration to understand the interconnectedness of their community ecosystem.

4. Creativity through the Arts: Developing Creative Confidence and Skills

The overall theme of Module 4 is focused on using The Arts as a persuasive medium to encourage members of the community to make positive choices in order to safeguard and protect all living things.

5. Conservation and Citizenship: Connecting & Expressing

We have learned much together to recognize the need for action. What actions will you take for yourself, your community, and our world?

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